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Your Azure Active Directory (AD) Domain Name:

Please enter your Azure Active Directory name in the textbox provided above. If you use a custom domain e.g. "", please enter that. If you use "", just enter "mycompany". Visit to find the name of your Azure Active Directory.

  • Please authenticate yourself by signing in into your Azure Active Directory account. The account could be your Work or School Acccount (formerly Organization Id) or Microsoft Account (formerly Live Id). We will not store your username from your Azure Active Directory account. We never have access to your password.
  • The account with which you will sign in for sign up process must be a "Global Administrator" account. This is needed so that you can allow Cloud Portam to access your Azure Active Directory.
  • The application needs following permissions:
    Read information about users from your Azure Active Directory. This is needed so that the application can read the list of users who can use Cloud Portam.